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Jack Diehl

Filmmaker || Editor

Jack graduated from Hampshire College with a degree in film, animation, and visual effects. He has worked for years as a film editor on projects that include a feature length documentary, a documentary short, film trailers, and several narrative shorts. His short film "Spirit Hand" won a variety of awards including Best Short Film, Best Director and Best Editing. Jack has

on-set experience on smaller indie projects, as well as for the

Marvel Studios blockbuster, Ant-man and the Wasp

As a director and editor, Jack values communication and creativity on-set and during the post-production process. He encourages those he works with to share their thoughts and ideas and to not shy away from asking why a decision has been made. Filmmaking is a collaborative effort, and everyone involved should feel comfortable adding their insight to the creative process. 

Outside of the film world, Jack has worked as a summer camp director and substitute preschool teacher. He also enjoys learning Aikido, a self defense martial art, and participating in paranormal investigations.


Best Short Film

Star Hollywood Awards

Best Short Film

The Golden Hour Film Festival

Best Directing

Best Directing

World Film Carnival - Singapore 2021

Best Editing - Spirit Hand

Halicarnassus Film Festival

Best Editing - Spirit Hand

The Golden Hour Film Festival 2021

Best Actress - Spirit Hand

Indie Cine Tube Award

Best Score - Spirit Hand

Indie Cine Tube Awards 2022

Best Cinematography - Spirit Hand

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